I remember first reading the Manifesto in early October 2010 and the immediate action and unparalleled energy it sparked in my life. At the time, I had been living in New York for nearly 3 years and was waiting tables 4-5 nights a week, running a small personal training business and working on two entrepreneurial projects, all the while running around town to auditions for films, TV and commercials. Life was nuts and I was moving through the fast lane quicker than I ever imagined. I was more often than not on the cusp of leaving New York for a more simple life when my close friend Lizzie thought it’d be a good idea for me to meet her friend Mike who started this company called Holstee. I was hooked after reading just the first line of the Manifesto. Coincidentally, Holstee was looking to hire and I quickly filled out the application from my iPhone while running about the city. For some reason, I knew the grass would be greener with this newly unveiled and supremely uplifting proclamation in my life, and I needed to tackle it head on. Within a few days of learning about Holstee, I met Mike and Dave on a Thursday and it was as if we were already good friends who just hadn’t met yet. I started the following Monday and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since then that I haven’t taken a second to appreciate the many positive changes that have come about in my life since joining Holstee, as well as the fire in my belly that’s fed everyday by the freedom of living a life that I had the courage, passion, patience and perseverance to design. I quit many jobs. I haven’t had cable since 2005. I now eat super well. I now say yes more often than no. I now share inspiration with those around me and those I meet. I continue and love to travel. I keep kicking down doors showing the slightest crack of opportunity. I encourage others to do, do, do, and then do some more. And I always try to remember that life is short and simple and that we are here to share in and connect over our passions. I changed my life for the better after first reading the Manifesto and I’m proud to say it’s a daily catalyst to being the giant in my dreams and encouraging others to be the same.

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