In the Spring of 2011, I quit my high paying job as a management consultant. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because some opportunities only come once, and when they do, you must seize them. Thankfully Ben Raffi, my colleague at the time, and now co-CEO, felt the same way. Armed with our passion and determination, Ben and I brought aboard Adam Meghji, our equally-passionate co-founder and CTO, and started a company called Uniiverse.

Uniiverse was just an idea back then, provoked by the increasingly virtual world we live in, a gap in the industry landscape, and our personal passions.  We wanted to give people a chance to be a part of something extraordinary and different. Something that re-connected them with the real world, solved pressing issues, and encouraged them to experience life the way it’s meant to be experienced.

When we discovered the Holstee Manifesto a few months after embarking on our difficult path, we felt a renewed sense of inspiration and belief in our idea. Every single bold, black word on that white poster represents what we stand for, and embodies what we want to accomplish with Uniiverse. The manifesto resonated with us like nothing has before, and to see how well received it was by the world only motivated us to work harder to achieve our vision. It’s clear that the manifesto means a lot to those who come by it, and our goal is that Uniiverse will enable anyone to live out the Holstee manifesto, in place of wishing they could.

Uniiverse is an online marketplace for offline sharing. It connects people in the real world to share their passions, interests, skills, belongings, spaces, and time with each other.  This enables anyone to meet like-minded people, make money doing what they love, and to live a smarter more sustainable lifestyle.

Anyone can post what they have to offer and share, and then others can discover and book it.  For example, we allow people to offer and share their belongings because this will help slow over-consumption. Why buy new when you can have access to the things you need from the people all around you? We allow people to offer and share their interests and passion because life is so much better when you can find people to share your passions with. We allow people to offer and share their skills, because anyone can make money doing what they love as long as there’s a way for people to be discovered and given the chance to be great. This is all a part of what’s called the sharing economy, which can have social, economic, and environmental benefits, as long as people take action to make a change.

Since the Holstee Manifesto relates so closely to what we seek to accomplish, for ourselves and for others, the manifesto poster is framed and hanging on the wall in the Uniiverse headquarters. Those words inspire us and the entire Uniiverse team on a daily basis.

Starting a company is a risk, but life is short – we seized a unique opportunity – we’re doing what we love so that others can too – we didn’t like where the world is headed so we’re changing it – and this journey is our dream. This is our life.

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