A friend sent me the Holstee Manifesto on twitter and said “This made me think of you right away”. I clicked on the link and couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t know if ‘love at first sight’ can apply to an object or an idea, but it was truly love at first sight. How could somebody write something so closely about ME? The manifesto literally set me on fire! I shared it everywhere I could: Twitter, Facebook, email, blog. I ordered cards and gave them out as birthday and Christmas gifts. I ordered copies of the Manifesto. I sent the store link out to all of my friends and they ordered copies of the manifesto. For about a month my entire mission was making sure everyone I knew had read the manifesto, had a copy of the manifesto and knew about Holstee.

The manifesto was like a breath of fresh air. Something we all wanted to say ourselves, something we all needed to hear, and something to make us and make this life BETTER. I was even courageous enough to publish my blog and made the manifesto the cover picture.

I was so inspired and felt this tremendous sense of self and COURAGE that I wrote my own “JO MANIFESTO.” I printed up 50 copies and gave them away to the first 50 who asked for one via Twitter or Facebook. The feedback I received was humbling and further fueled my fire to pay life forward. I also just issued a challenge on Twitter to pick something you’ve always wanted to do and try to do it in May. I am running a marathon May 6th and then I plan on tackling the rest of my bucket list.

To sum things up: The Holstee Manifesto is a game changer and it has made me one too! LONG LIVE HOLSTEE!

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