I’m on a plane. There’s a 14-hour flight ahead of me. A month ago, I didn’t know anything else except that I will loose my apartment in couple of weeks and my boyfriend had just broken up with me after 3 years together. For the past years I had forgotten how to live my own life and was just living for the other. I forgot that I have ambitions and dreams. Someone posts the Holstee manifesto on Facebook. The word “Life” strokes my attention. I start to read and I realize that I need to stop. Stop worrying and crying for the things I have lost, but cherish the possibilities I have. I felt great; I am free to go wherever I want to and do whatever I feel like doing. No one is stopping me. The plane arrived to South East Asia where I volunteered and traveled for 6 months. That was the most amazing time of my life and that was just the beginning of it.

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