When I was growing up, writing was my oxygen. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and therefore, I had to undergo numerous surgeries and 15 years of physical therapy in order to be as independent as possible. When the physical and emotional pain seemed to take over, I’d turn to writing. When I was young, I was scared and anxious, and writing seemed to be the only thing that gave me a sense of security. It was the only way I could feel in control, and it was my release. However, over time, I began to feel like I was writing for others rather than for myself, and so I didn’t feel like I benefited from writing very much.

I’m currently a sophomore in college, and I took a break from writing during my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. It wasn’t until I had a discussion with a friend during Thanksgiving this past year that I began to consider what my passion might be. About a month later, I saw the Holstee Manifesto poster on an online site, and I started to cry because the words seemed to connect with me in the deepest part of myself, especially the part about sharing your passion.

In January, I was lying in bed one night, and a thought popped into my head about wanting to write a memoir of what it’s been like for me living with Cerebral Palsy. Realizing how much I wanted to share my story with the world was a sudden thought, but it was also a very strong thought. At the end of January, I began writing my memoir. It’s been a very emotional journey thus far, due to the fact that I have had to relive so many of the memories that I faced throughout my childhood. However, I’ve also gained support from friends and family, as well as the followers of my blog, which has given me the push I’ve needed to keep on writing.

Writing my memoir is foremost about being able to reach a point where I can accept myself for who I am, scars and all. However, I also want to show other kids and families that have kids with Cerebral Palsy that they are not alone. I want to show them that I’ve been there, and I understand. However, to do that I must break down all these walls inside myself in order to share the memories that will put me in the most vulnerable position possible. However, though vulnerability is scary, it’s also raw, true and the most honest portrayal of myself I can provide to my readers.

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