Hi lovelies, It's 19.24 on Sunday 13th October and I'm writing to you today from the warmth of my cooking kitchen! It's been emotional today, I identified for the first time that my continual stop, starts in pursuing my passion always boils down to the same obstacle that I have battled with for years: low self esteem, very little confidence and ultimately fear! And although I keep reminding my self that fear in fact is false evidence appearing real, somehow the noose around me just keeps on making a reappearance however many times I seem to take it off. I came across the Manifesto by chance earlier this year. I was searching the net for inspirational quotes and somehow was led to the Holstee website. It blew my mind. There it was in bold letters so bold that I read and re-read again and again. The words on the page greeted me with visions and excitement. I wasn't so alone in my thinking after all. The Manifesto resonated so deeply that the combination of a talk with a loved one and another read mellowed me to step out and pursue what I have always wanted. Writing and creating, to be able to reach people to give hope, raise awareness and spread love through various mediums such as film. So I approached a few people, got a small team together and launched an independent film company - small steps to a big dream! I still have days (like today) where I wonder, do I actually have the ingredients to be a great writer and director? Will I be able to reach those who are in need of a little hope? My thoughts collided so intensely today that I wept. Fulfilling your dream is a struggle especially when seeds of doubt have been scattered in fertile soil! However, within my turmoil today I remembered the Manifesto. I picked up my iPad and drunk a cup of hot water which seems to have a tad bit of courage sprinkled within it and decided that I wanted to share this, something I did a few months ago and I hope it's only the beginning. Thank you Holstee, for your belief in one another and others. There are people all over the world just waiting to hear, "I believe in you and believe in your passion.'" I hope this inspires: http://youtu.be/KcZb2a-0EWM Love and Light, Imani Jones-Baxter

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