I got 3 identical Manifesto posters from Holstee. I got 2 laminated locally in clear heavy plastic – one for our 19-year-old granddaughter’s dorm room, one for our 15-year-old grandson’s bedroom. Each grandkid gets a box of 6 push-pins that will go into drywall. When they want to put the poster somewhere else, I tell them that they can fill the six tiny pinholes in the wall with smudges of white toothpaste, fulfilling the promise of fast (non-dental) cavity repair. The third poster is being held in abeyance in its mailing tube because somewhere along my life’s journey I will find a friend who will appreciate one of his or her own. Recipients of the thoughts on this poster must already be inclined to believe in the words printed there. Yes, this is preaching to the choir – but it is also reinforcing worthwhile thoughts that may be only on the periphery of the recipient’s mind. Suddenly there is focus, and then unfolds the possibility of life-changing action. The poster leads the horse to water. That’s all we can do – and we hope that it is enough. - Bob Askey

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