There has been a lot of discontent and frustration among American youth in the past few years. Having graduated from college in 2010, I can remember the pessimism that existed in the job market my friends and I entered into very vividly. I know people who struggled (or are still struggling) to find a job and even more who are underemployed or took a job they didn't want for the security of a position. The frustration that fueled Occupy Wall Street from the get-go is still felt strongly by many. Especially with the weight of student loans and other debts, many young people are finding it difficult to gain a solid footing. The problems are not new to us and have been vocalized many times over; however, we have yet to see a real conversation on sustaianble and tangible solutions that we can get behind. 

That's why I am so excited about the passion and mission behind #FixYoungAmerica. I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Gerber of the Young Entrepreneurship Council and could not help but be energized by the passion in his voice about this project. The idea is to engage and activate a community of people who are annoyed with the way things are--by empowering youth to respond and claim a better future for themselves. Basically: Frustrated? Do something. Just like the Manifesto promotes--If you don't like something, Change it. 

Fix Young America is a multifaceted solutions-based approach bringing everyone across all sectors to the table: government, academia, the private sector, and everyone in between. From our personal perspective, Holstee has been such a privilege for us as entrepreneurs to connect with other amazing entrepreneurs and we truly believe that promoting entrepreneurship is a surefire way to drive the economy forward. Fix Young America sets to increase the momentum to support opportunities for entrepreneurship and remove the barriers that often dissuade many from making their dreams a reality. Driving the movement is a 10-city bus tour currently in the works, a book of essays from America's most talented voices on youth entrepreneurship on the way, and a massive campaign to spread the word. 

Check out the IndeGoGo campaign for more information and to discover how you can support the project.

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