As some of you might know, we are huge fans of Shopify - our ecommerce platform partner. And we love to support people building ecommerce businesses. That's why we opened up our home on Monday night and hosted the first Shopify Meetup. We hosted it at our own apartment, because we thought that maybe 10, maybe 15 people would come. So it came as nice surprise when over 50 people RSVPd and a lot of them showed up!

After a quick intro round we broke into smaller groups and discussed what our biggest challenges are and what we can learn from each other. It was a truly eye-opening experience and we can't wait for the next one: so many great stories, so many amazing products, so much to learn from each other. At Holstee we launched Simple Apps to improve our own, but then also everyone else's Shopify experience. And we walked away with an amazing list of things we want to build and create as a result.

Did you miss this event, but are interested to join the next one? RSVP here!

Thank you to Shopify for supporting us and sponsoring Beer and Pizza. And thank you everyone for coming and sharing thoughts and experiences!


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