I was recently introduced to a pretty awesome brand, Mend


Mend is self-described as "a social enterprise geared toward facilitating financial independence and development for women in Gulu, Uganda directly affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) conflict. These women produce high-quality bags designed to seam a personal connection between products, their makers and consumers."

Many of the seamstresses at Mend are former abductees who have lived and survived through some of the harshest of conditions. After escaping, many of these women, though trained in basic tailoring, were unable to find work in order to support themselves and their children.

Mend's input, including sustainable, social, and financial impact, begins by creating a positive enviroment where these women are able to participate in honest, redeemable work that creates jobs, helps to reduce poverty, and improves the quality of life for these beautiful, hard-working women: 

"Every bag made at Mend has a story. Each product carries the name of the seamstress who made it. The seamstresses name links to her online profile, providing a window into her life. Through personal video bios and photos, each woman is able to share how she is 'on the Mend' because of a simple purchase."


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