Our classic Manifesto has been refreshed!

We are excited to present the newest rendition of the original Holstee Manifesto: Terra! This special edition print is available in 18X24 on 100% recycled cotton craft-colored paper. The vibrant green text really gives this new piece an outstanding pop of color that reminds us to always stay fresh!


Love to write?

Every month we select a few writers to help us explore what it means to live more fully and mindfully. Reach out to Jennifer, our Editor, at write@holstee.com to learn more about contributing.

Welcome to Holstee

Our monthly membership helps conscious people (like you!) libe a more meaningful life through actionable guide, inspiring art, thought-provoking content and a like-minded community.


Our Themes

Distilled from our Manifesto, positive psychology, the science of mindfulness, and ancient philosophic studies we have identified twelve themes core to living both fully and mindfully. We mapped these twelve themes to each of the twelve months in a year. Together with our community we explore one each month.


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