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October 15, 2018

Living your values.

For me, Integrity isn’t just knowing who I am but also understanding and reflecting on who I want to become — the type of person I want to grow into.

To begin, I need to deeply understand myself.

An important first step is to take a moment to identify my own personal core values.

Here is an exercise taken directly from this month’s Integrity Guide designed for just this purpose:

Integrity: Identify Your Values Exercise

Integrity: Identify Your Values Exercise (pt. 2)

As I worked through this exercise, I noticed that when navigating these words and understanding their differences, I started to naturally reflect on why I chose one over the other.

For example, fairness and equality feel pretty similar on the surface — but once I dug deeper, I found that equality to me felt more about partitioning (four friends get equally sized slices of pizza) where fairness lets you look at a situation and determine what works for it (one friend gets slightly more pizza because they missed breakfast and are really hungry).

And ultimately, identifying our core values is only the first step.

After we identify the values most important to us, we have to reflect on our actions and be honest with ourselves about whether we are indeed living up to the standards we set for ourselves.

Giving ourselves 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to think about the values we believe to be true feels like a luxury — but it’s also an incredibly enlightening and rewarding experience.

Consider taking the two pages above and gifting yourself some time for meaningful self-reflection today.

What did you learn? How did it make you feel? Are there things you want to change as a result?

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

P.S. In case you’re curious, here were mine:

Generosity — Giving more than I take to both the planet and the people in it. Being a contributor to society and my community, with my time, and resources.

Growth — The drive to continue learning and growing. To understand more and to love more so my body, mind, and soul can flourish.

Health — To prioritize my physical and mental health so I can live on this earth to my fullest potential.

Independence — To be capable and confident in my ability to take care of myself and the people I care about. And have the freedom and flexibility to act according to my own desires and principles.

Peace — To promote and live in a world of harmony where we don’t compete but rather grow together.

Pleasure — To experience the miracles of life in everyday moments of simple pleasures from food, to relationships, to art, to exploration — finding pleasure and feeling gratitude in as many moments as possible.

… and yes, I ended up with six not five… as it turns out, strictly following rules is not one of my core values :-D

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