Through our Reflections series we share nuggets of wisdom from our ongoing research for the Holstee Membership as well as personal experiences that have changed how we see the world.
August 20, 2018

Passionate about this chance to live.

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how “Passion” can be a loaded word. This week, I want to share some wisdom from one of my favorite, if unexpected, modern philosophers — the rock star and writer Andrew W.K.

In 2015, Andrew was asked, “How do you figure out what your passion is?” by a reader of his popular column in The Village Voice.

Andrew’s response struck a chord with me. It centered on the idea of living fully and allowing space for our passions to reveal themselves in the process.

“One’s true purpose in life is not always something that can be decided upon, discovered through personal introspection, or encountered while following one’s tastes and preferences. It sometimes seems to be brought out by some sort of universal need: A person suddenly finds him- or herself called upon to do something extremely important, and instantly, everything surges in that direction.”

He continues (and here is my favorite part):

“The greatest work is the tireless effort to understand and be worthy of one’s life. When it comes to everything else, just give yourself a break. Work to make yourself as strong, and as good, and as available to the world as you can, so that when destiny calls, you’ll be ready, willing, and able to answer it. Be passionate about having this chance to live, and everything else will reveal itself to you at the perfect time.”

To being open to what reveals itself,

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

P.S. This is one of a handful of our favorite articles around this month’s theme of Passion. Members can check out the full list of Curated Resources for more on Passion from great thinkers like Paul Graham, Simon Sinek, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

P.P.S. You may remember I referenced Andrew W.K. in a past Reflection when sharing some of his wisdom on not getting homesick

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