Through our Reflections series we share nuggets of wisdom from our ongoing research for the Holstee Membership as well as personal experiences that have changed how we see the world.
January 14, 2018

Won't you take me to… Funkytown?

Yesterday I was cruising through the easy streets of Ventura, dropping off my wife at work. We came to a stop light, and a great song came on the radio. So naturally, I had to dance. Belted into the driver's seat, my moves were limited to shoulder shakes and hands up in the air, but I was grooving.

One moment later, the light turned green.

The driver in the car ahead of us threw up his hands, looked back, and glared at us, shaking his head angrily.

I think he assumed I was waving around my arms in impatience, mad because he wasn’t moving right when the light changed.

Little did he know, I was moving to the disco beat. And honestly, I was so deep in dance mode, I hadn’t even realized the light had changed.

So I tried to clear the air.

Using hand gestures, I tried to explain that my movements were for the song, not for him. But in our complicated web of non-verbal communication, I only added to the confusion.

As we went our separate ways, two things occurred to me:

  1. Maybe my signature dance moves are a little too erratic, and 
  2. So much of our lives are shaped by our perspective — how we interpret what we experience.

We often don't get the chance to understand the intentions behind others’ actions. We usually just get one side of the story.

At Holstee, January is our month of exploring Intention — the purpose behind our actions. In the Intention Guide, you’ll find intention and goal-setting exercises inspired by thinkers like Gretchen Rubin, Leo Babauta, and W.H. Murray.

Dance safely out there,

Mike Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

P.S. The song that caused all the confusion (and ultimately insight) was the disco-funk classic Funkytown by Lipps Inc. Honestly, is it even possible to listen to this track and not dance?

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