Welcome to June, a month filled with Adventure!

For us, this theme is a reminder to break from the routine and make time to get outside our comfort zone. We hope this month’s art, action list, and resources will help you to do just that.


You don’t need to jump out of a plane or swim with sharks. All you need is an openness to say yes to new things and the courage to step into the unknown. Approach the experience with the sense of wonder you had as a child. Keep in mind, the most memorable part will always be the journey, not the destination. So get up. Go. Get lost. Find yourself. Adventure awaits.


This month’s art was created by design duo Jeanie Mordukhay and Nick D'Amico based in Los Angeles, CA.


This month’s action list is broken down into 3 levels. We’ve created it specifically for the modern day adventurer - that’s you!

Level 1. Eat something new.

We’re talking seriously new - push the boundary for something with a smell, texture or taste that is radically different from your regular eating regiment.

Level 2. Be a tourist for a day in your hometown.

Whether you prepare a day pack and embark on some urban trekking or you assemble your hometown bucket list, rediscover your hometown with Shoshin a beginner's mind.

Level 3. Plan a weekend (adventure) with nature.

Water? Check. Trail mix? Check. Perfect. Now just carve out one weekend this June to get out and explore where the wifi is weak and all the shade comes from trees.

Nearly every country has a national park. Check out this wiki article to find one closest to you.

Snap a photo of yourself completing any of these actions and send it to us at radbrothers@holstee.com and we’ll have a special gift coming your way next month.

Want to print this? Download the Action List (PDF).


Download a beautiful visual reminder,
to take a moment and reflect,
wherever you go.

Download the Desktop Wallpaper

Download the Mobile Wallpaper


Article: What It Means To Have An Adventurous Spirit

“A big part of any adventure is in the novelty of the experience. You have to break ground into new territory or experiences you’ve never had before. Part of the fun of adventures is how you don’t know what the outcome will be. That’s not something you get from things you know really well.” - Do Something Cool

Video: The Longest Way - One Man’s Journey Walking Across China

There is a good reason this is among Vimeo’s most viewed adventure video. We know that opening ourselves to totally knew things will change us on the inside and out. This video does a phenomenal job documenting just that. As one commenter puts it, “You can see what he has learned in his eyes.” - Christoph Rehage

Book: Wild: From Lost To Found On The Pacific Crest Trail

Praised as one of the best books of the year by NPR, this personal memoir details the remarkable journey the author took, overcoming remarkable odds in the process. - Cheryl Strayed

Movie: Maidentrip: The Documentary

As a 14 year old girl, Laura was determined to see the entire world, by boat, on her own. Lucky for us, she captured the entire process which was beautifully produced in this documentary. - Laura Dekker (available on Netflix)

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