Welcome to March, a month all about Wellness!

In its optimal form, wellness is all encompassing: Physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, and environmental.
Each dimension contributes to our well-being. When we care for each of these, our bodies, minds and spirits find harmony.


In its optimal form, wellness is all encompassing: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, and environmental. Each dimension contributes to your well-being. When you care for each of these, your body, mind, and soul find harmony.



Bailey Sullivan is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York.


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As a company, it’s always been our intention to help people live a more meaningful life. The “how”, or the goals, we have set for ourselves in this process have evolved over the years - from T-shirts to posters and most recently to our monthly subscription. Throughout the years, our intention has always kept our compass on target for the same overarching mission, grounding us and motivating us to continue building the Holstee community.

This month you'll be receiving our Wellness Guide to help you take a closer look at how we take personal care of our minds and bodies. How can we improve our connection to ourselves? How can we make choices that go beyond the present moment? How does health go beyond what's in the refrigerator and time spent at the gym? What does true wellness really look like?

To our subscribers who receive a physical mailer, you will be receiving your guide with this month's kit. To our digital subscribers, you can download your guide via the link below.

Want to print this? Download the Action List (PDF).


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to take a moment and reflect,
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To Watch: Why Sitting Is Bad For You - Murat Dalkilinç (TED-Ed)

"Sitting down for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise. But nowadays, our lifestyles make us sit much more than we move around. Are our bodies built for such a sedentary existence? Murat Dalkilinç investigates the hidden risks of sitting down."

To Listen: On Being - Krista Tippet (Podcast)

"On Being is a Peabody Award-winning public radio conversation and podcast, a Webby Award-winning website and online exploration, a publisher and public event convener. On Being opens up the animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?"

To Read:

Are You Fully Charged? The Three Keys To Energizing Your Work And Life by Tom Rath

This book will "challenge you to stop pursuing happiness and start creating meaning instead, lead you to rethink your daily interactions with the people who matter most, and show you how to put your own health first in order to be your best every day."

No Sweat: How The Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness by Michelle Segar, Ph.D

"We start out with the best intentions. We're going to exercise more and get in shape! Then five days a week at the gym turns into two... then becomes none. We hit the snooze button and skip the morning run. We really do want to be healthy and fit, but we're over whelmed and overextended—and exercise feels like another chore to complete. Is it any wonder we don't stick with it?"

Body Mind Mastery: Training For Sport And Life by Dan Millman

Drawing on his own experiences, Dan Millman, in this revised and updated edition of The Inner Athlete, offers a regimen to integrate physical training with psychological growth."

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman

Through vivid examples, Goleman delineates the five crucial skills of emotional intelligence, and shows how they determine our success in relationships, work, and even our physical well-being. What emerges is an entirely new way to talk about being smart."

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