Welcome to May, a month all about Simplicity!

Reduce the noise, focus on the essentials, and keep it simple. Excess abounds when we lose focus on what really matters. Focus on what is essential. Decluttering is cleansing. Keep it simple.


Focused energy is the foundation of mastery, so keep it simple. When things get complicated, return to the basics. Decluttering is cleansing. Subtraction of noise allows to us to hear the signal. Keep it simple. Less is more. Quality over quantity. Decluttering is cleansing. Remove the noise to hear the signal. There are many ways to to do it, just keep it simple. To live a purposeful life, we must focus on what matters. It’s not complicated. Keep it simple.



Dave Radparvar is a cofounder of Holstee. He loves minimal design and is very much inspired in work and life by Dieter Ram’s principle of “Less but better”. When he is not building Holstee he loves morning stretches, reading philosophy, and making new dishes from leftovers. You can currently catch him in Bali!


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As a company, it’s always been our intention to help people live a more meaningful life. The “how”, or the goals, we have set for ourselves in this process have evolved over the years - from T-shirts to posters and most recently to our monthly subscription. Throughout the years, our intention has always kept our compass on target for the same overarching mission, grounding us and motivating us to continue building the Holstee community.

This month you'll be receiving our Simplicity Guide to help you reflect on the way we can embrace the simple and let go of the complicated. How can simplicity help enhance our experiences? Is less really more

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Project 333 (Be More With Less)
“Project 333 is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.” The point is to free up time and mental energy that would otherwise be spent on our everyday preoccupation with fashion. This page includes everything you need to know to get started.

A Brief History Of Voluntary Simplicity (The Simplicity Collective)
“A similar message about the spiritual value of living a materially simple life can be found in almost all of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions, as well as many of the world’s indigenous wisdom traditions. William Morris suggested that huge reductions in ‘useless toil’ could be achieved if people were only wise enough to reduce their consumption of ‘those articles of folly and luxury.’ And In the twentieth century, towering figures such as Gandhi, Lenin, Tolstoy, and Mother Teresa all lived lives of great material simplicity.”

A Dark Side Of The American Dream (Journal Of Personality & Social Psychology)
"Pursuing material wealth is sometimes viewed as empty or shallow or as precluding investment in one's family or friends, self-actualization, and contributions to the community."

Mr. Money Mustache
Mr. Money Mustache, AKA Peter Adeney, is a financial/lifestyle guru who thinks that we can gear our lives towards maximizing happiness, while living frugally to achieve early retirement. The blog is extremely entertaining, as well as informative, and presents a philosophy of simplicity that allows readers to get more out of less. There are some great thoughts here on how to gain more free time and happiness by optimizing savings.


The 80-20 Principle By Richard Koche (Brian Johnson)
“Identify the 20% of our activities, in our business in our relationships in our lives that result in 80% of the benefits, because we’re wasting 80% of our energy on only 20% of the results, which doesn't make any sense. 80% of our pleasure in relationships comes from 20% of the people we hang out with. If can you If you look in your closet, you’ll probably find that 20% of your clothes are worn 80% of the time. This video walks the viewer through applying the 80/20 principle to personal lifestyle."


Walden, A Game (New York Times)
“Instead of offering the thrills of stealing, violence and copious cursing, the new video game, based on Thoreau’s 19th-century retreat in Massachusetts, will urge players to collect arrowheads, cast their fishing poles into a tranquil pond, buy penny candies and perhaps even jot notes in a journal - all while listening to music, nature sounds and excerpts from the author’s meditations.”

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