Welcome to September, a month all about Balance!

Balance is about assessment and adjustment. It requires us to take inventory of our habits, our social lives, our work, our budgets, and our bodies. Once we do this, we can adjust to create harmony. Finding balance requires constant reflection on how our biases affect our perspective. For this reason, the pursuit of balance is as important as achieving it.


As the world around us shifts and our personal needs evolve, what we need to feel centered and fulfilled will also change. Finding harmony is not an end goal but a daily practice. Each decision and action we take is a recalibration - a chance to learn, grow and move in the pursuit of balance.



Allan Peters is a Creative Director/Designer from Minneapolis, MN. With an extensive portfolio that's been recognized by every major design publication, Peters was also named person to watch by Graphic Design USA in 2013.


Life tends to find us balancing the tricky spectrum of being fully present and good-old-fashioned getting things done. Below are two prompts designed to help us reflect and create clear actionable things we can do this month as we focus on Balance.

Reflection: Where are you on this spectrum of balance? Where you would like to be?

Action: What are three things you can do to get to your identified sweet spot more often in the future?

If you are willing to share, we’d love to learn your responses. You’re welcome to share via email or even by posting this month’s art along with your response. Just remember to tag @holstee!

Want to print this? Download the Action List (PDF).


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Within balance, we are focusing on the tension between being and doing. Over the past several years we have found ourselves struggling keep balance between to the two. The links we’ve selected for this month’s enrichment content explore this spectrum in greater depth and pull from some of our favorites, including Krista Tippet, The School of Life, a Tim Ferriss and Maria Popova combo, and some ruminations on balancing Stoic and Epicurean philosophies.

The Myth Of Work/Life Balance
The School Of Life on the myth of striking perfect work/life balance. In the video, they break it down for us and share how the "perfect" work/life balance actually may not be the right goal after all.

Productivity vs. Presence
In this podcast, Tim Ferriss interviews Maria Popova. In their discussion, Maria speaks candidly on how she balances a remarkably productive lifestyle while still prioritizing being present. As you might imagine, when these two come together, magic happens.

Stress and the Balance Within
From the On Being podcast archives, we resurface Krista Tippett’s still relevant interview with Esther Sternberg.

Gravity Glue
And Michael Grab takes balance to new heights. It’s rock solid, IMHO. :-)

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