Our thoughts lead to action. Our actions create our experiences. Our experiences define our character. In each moment we define who we’ll become, start this one with intention.

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    Intention: Shokunin Kishitsu

    Intention: Shokunin Kishitsu

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    5"x7" Letterpress Print

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    Setting your intentions can help you define your expectations and achieve your goals. A ritual typically reserved for the new year,... View Details
  • Holstee Manifesto Poster (18x24)

    Holstee Manifesto Poster (18x24)


    18"x24" Letterpress Poster

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    Where we began and what keeps us moving forward today. Originally written to celebrate aspects of life they truly valued,... View Details
  • Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards (6-Pack)

    Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards (6-Pack)


    Six Pack - 5"x7" Letterpress Cards

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    If you love the Manifesto, now you can pass it on. The words of the Manifesto can provide the right words... View Details

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