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With the Mindful Art Subscription, every month you will receive:

  • One archival-quality 5"x7" letterpress print
  • One envelope to share last month's art with a friend
  • A description of the art you receive, why we chose it and how we hope it inspires you to live mindfully

Subscription plans start at only $10 a month.

A perfect fit.

Add our handcrafted Reclaim Frame or Reclaim Card Stand for a simple and beautiful way to display monthly art.

Our frames and card stands are assembled from reclaimed wood from mindfully deconstructed homes and buildings in the Detroit Metro Area. Each of our frames and stands are handcrafted by Urban Ashes in Brighton, Michigan.

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Our gift to you, your gift to others.

Beauty comes to life when it's shared. Each monthly delivery serves as a reminder to stay connected with others and to add value to your relationships through shared experience. The inclusion of an envelope makes this reminder as simple as possible: just write your message and share.

Recent Mindful Art

Every subscription starts with our signature Manifesto card which you will receive within a week of signing up.
All other art is limited edition and made specifically for our art subscribers.

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What our subscribers are saying

"Our subscription is giving in so many ways. Each month we get to enjoy & share a mindful, loving gift with those that mean the most to us."

Monica Pirani

"Social media makes it easy to feel connected, but its getting a card from Holstee each month that reminds me to actually reach out to people."

Sebastian Coss

"The Mindful Art Subscription is the gift that keeps on giving! Love getting my cards each month.♥"

June Kim