Passion and the act of finding it is definitely a buzzing topic these days. Some people find it futile while others view it as vital to success and, ultimately, a fulfilling life. I admit that I have a personal struggle with this process in that I’m often uncertain if my passions are directly correlated with my career goals. Or if they have to be. Or, for that matter: do I even have career goals?

You could see how these questions could lead into a downward spiral of wondering if your life has any real direction at all: don’t worry. I value living life with fervor and finding the good in small moments. Can that be a passion in and of itself? I think, yes. And for every article out there that defines an exact methodology to finding your passion, I would like to propose a more simplified, one-step approach: know yourself.

Before beginning this post (or after attempting to begin it several times over and finding myself frustrated), I decided to try a quick exercise in honesty that proved mega-helpful for several reasons: 1. It assured me that, yes, I do have passions and 2. I do know myself, despite the fear-inducing “AH, who am I?!” reaction many of these FIND-YOUR-PASSION-OR-ACHIEVE-NOTHING articles seem to put out and 3. For a little revisit to thinking with Clarity: living with passion doesn’t always have to be a career-oriented motivation. Heck, it doesn’t even have to involve a physical task at all. If you check out my list, you’ll see that many of them, even the majority of them, involve a mentality more than tangible evidence. Though one can certainly promote the other, the point is to start somewhere.

Take one minute. Write down the things you care about in your life, even if they aren’t the things you spend the most time on or do every day. Write down the things that make your heart flutter, that motivate you to push further, that make you feel alive, that bring you peace.

It doesn’t matter if it’s one hundred things (damn, you write fast) or if you spend an entire minute racking your brain for even one thing. The point of passion isn’t multitudes, it’s sincerity. What really moves you? It doesn’t matter if it’s cool or trendy or wildly in fashion. To that I say, who cares? The point of passion is that it fuels the moments when we are most ourselves. Dare I say, our best selves.

What brings you to your best? Join the conversation.


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