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The Holstee Manifesto

Where we began and what keeps us moving forward today. The Holstee Manifesto is a reminder of the values we live and work for.


The History of the Manifesto

In our first step as a company, Holstee’s founders, Dave, Mike and Fabian sat together on the steps of Union Square in New York to write down how they define success. The goal was to create something they could reflect back on if they ever felt stuck or found themselves living according to someone else’s definition of happiness.

In 2009, the words of the Holstee Manifesto took form in a bold letterpress poster with the help of designer, Rachael Beresh. Not long after it began to take the internet by storm, with the Washington Post calling it “The Next Just Do It”.

In 2010, we created the Lifecycle Video above as a homage to Manifesto while celebrating the diversity of bicycle riding in New York City.

The Manifesto has been translated into 13 languages (and counting!) with the help of our worldwide community, including Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Hebrew and Arabic.

In 2012 we launched MyLife to collect the many stories people were sending in about how they chase their dreams, live their best lives and how they have chosen to redefine success in their own terms. Years later, it is monumentally encouraging and inspiring to see how many people with which the words of The Holstee Manifesto have resonated. We are honored, proud and humbled to have such a remarkable community that surrounds and supports Holstee.

Above all else, creating the Holstee Manifesto has confirmed for us that with genuine positive intentions, anything is possible.

18"x24" Letterpress Poster
Where we began, and what keeps us moving forward today. Available as an 18"x24" letterpress print.
5"x7" Gold On White Letterpress Print
These 5”x7” editions of the Manifesto truly highlight the craft and capability of letterpress using metallic inks.

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Six Pack - 5"x7" Letterpress Cards
Do what you love and do it often. The Holstee Manifesto in a shareable letterpress greeting card.
6"x8" Recycled Paper Journal
Take your inspiration from the Manifesto with you wherever you go with the Holstee Journal.
48"x64" Wall Decal
The Holstee Manifesto as a 48" x 64" wall decal - one of our most enthusiastically requested products!
12"x16" Letterpress Poster
The original Holstee Manifesto design in a slightly smaller, 12"x16" letterpress print.
18"x24" Letterpress Poster
Our original Manifesto Letterpress Poster has been refreshed, in green type on kraft colored paper.
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18"x24" Framed Terra Letterpress Poster
The Holstee Manifesto Letterpress Poster in our limited edition Terra colors offered in a hand-crafted frame made from Reclaimed Douglas Fir Wood.
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12"x16" Letterpress Poster
We are united in our differences: Hebrew and Arabic translations of the Holstee Manifesto, in one stunning letterpress print.
18"x24" Letterpress Poster
Tu n'as qu'une VIE.
18"x24" Letterpress Poster
Esta es tu VIDA.

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12"x16" Letterpress Poster
Our original Holstee Manifesto Poster, now in a black 12x16" Letterpress Print
18"x15" Organic Cotton Tote
The Manifesto just got portable. This 100% organic cotton canvas tote is crafted in New Jersey and inspired by you!
Reclaimed Wood Coasters (Set of 4)
Does your tabletop call out for inspiration? These Manifesto-inspired reclaimed wood coasters are made in the USA and sourced from urban trees.
18"x24" Canvas Poster
Ready to hang: The Holstee Manifesto printed in Brooklyn, New York on 100% hemp stretch canvas.
12"x16" Framed Black Letterpress Poster
The Letterpress Holstee Manifesto Poster in a Hand-crafted frame made from Reclaimed Douglas Fir Wood.

We are also proud to have had the manifesto featured in