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Art to inspire reflection, words to encourage action.
Where we began and what keeps us moving forward today. The Holstee Manifesto is a reminder of the values we live and work for.
Start every month with an inspiring piece of art. Each is delivered to your desk along with a pre-stamped envelope so you can share the inspiration.
6"x8" Recycled Paper Journal
Take your inspiration from the Manifesto with you wherever you go with the Holstee Journal.
18"x24" Letterpress Print
A letterpress printed tribute to Maria Popova's meditation on 7 things she learned in 7 years of reading, writing, and living posted on Brain Pickings.
Box Set / 6
To serve as inspiration and motivation for your next trip, these community-gathered photo cards will help keep your sense of wanderlust alive.
Heather Buck, Founder of InStill Coaching
What self-imposed rules and restrictions are running your life and stopping you from reaching your full potential? Advice on how to avoiding being boxed in by branching out.
Geoff Warburton, Therapist
Fighting your way toward inner peace is a challenge, an inward rebellion against your instinct to be someone that you're not or conform to those around you.
Teresa Oefinger, Teacher and Development Coach
Going against the flow just to see where you end up can produce rewards and experience beyond imagination.


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