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The 2016 Calendar

It's back! This year's limited run 12-month letterpress calendar is complete with new themes and artwork aimed to inspire you 365 days a year.

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Signed By Our Founders

The three founders of Holstee have signed some limited edition Manifesto Posters, available now in a beautiful reclaimed wood frame.

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Six new sets of some of our (and your!) favorite products, packaged together: bundle up and save!

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    2016 Mindful Living Calendar

    2016 Mindful Living Calendar

    1 , 5"x7" Letterpress Calendar Cards

    $24.00 $42.00
    It's back!  This year's limited run 12-month letterpress calendar fits perfectly into our 5"x7" Reclaim Frame or Reclaim Card Stand.* Complete with... View Details
  • Manifesto Mug

    Manifesto Mug


    Manifesto Mug

    Limited Edition Ceramic Mug

    These days, you can take almost everything with you. Items can be folded down into pocket-size and you can tuck... View Details
  • Brain Pickings Poster

    Brain Pickings Poster

    18"x24" Letterpress Print

    The 7 Lessons: Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind. Do nothing out of guilt, or for prestige,... View Details
  • Holstee Manifesto Journal

    Holstee Manifesto Journal

    6"x8" Recycled Paper Journal

    Take your inspiration from the Manifesto with you wherever you go. This 6"x8" notebook is crafted in Canada from 100% recycled paper.... View Details

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