Products and experiences for an inspired life.
Where we began and what keeps us moving forward today. The Holstee Manifesto is a reminder of the values we live and work for.
Start every month with an inspiring piece of art. Each is delivered to your desk along with a pre-stamped envelope so you can share the inspiration.
18"x24" Letterpress Poster
This limited edition color combination is anything but muted: the stunning metallic contrast will light up any room!
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18"x24" Letterpress Print
A letterpress printed tribute to Maria Popova's meditation on 7 things she learned in 7 years of reading, writing, and living posted on Brain Pickings.
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6"x8" Recycled Paper Journal
Take your inspiration from the Manifesto with you wherever you go with the Holstee Journal.
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Dave Radparvar, Cofounder of Holstee.
I never thought much about Groundhog Day until this year, and what I learned this year will change how I look at the holiday for years to come.
Lola Reed, Creator of Fun Loving & Connected Family.
What we can gain from boredom, powering down to regain connection and getting back to giving our undivided attention.
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