Foster Huntington is the creator of A Restless Transplant, a blog, record and lifestyle that he chose in 2011 after leaving his design job in New York City. Driving over 80,000 miles since the August that changed everything, Huntington has lived out of a van and spent time in the wilderness camping, surfing and capturing it all on film.

In the fall of 2013, Huntington requested funding through Kickstarter for his second book Home Is Where You Park It, a photographic compliation of the community of nomads he’s met on his journey through North America who are living in a similar way, creating life on their own terms. About his project, Huntington said, “I think it’s important to pay homage to all these people who are living really cool lives, doing things they love as opposed to the expected.”

As you would imagine, besides capturing a slew of (oh, amazing) beat up Volkswagen buses, Huntington also captures the scenery of America in a way few of us have ever seen it: up-close, lived in, sprawling, wild and free.

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