1.  Morning habit. People, especially those, who live in (big) cities tend to rush in the morning restricting it to a cup of coffee. Set your alarm 30 minutes to one hour earlier. Give yourself time to wake up slowly. Drink a glass of water and sit down for meditation or do it on the balcony. Breath and when your breathing rhythm is calm, go and prepare  breakfast without your mobile or laptop in front. (Yes, without!)

2. Have a break. Seriously. Take a 30 minutes walk in your neighborhood. Start observing what is changing, who the people hanging out in the area are, the new graffiti art. Instead of rushing in the morning to your office, choose to walk a distance or do it in the afternoon when finishing work. If you are freelancing or working from home, do it during the day. Take pictures from what you see or keep the pictures in your mind. Start taking notes when you get home.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. – Annie Dillard

3. Eat well. It is about quality and consciousness. If you do not remember in the evening if you had a bite or you forget about it, you body might not like it. No, we do not mean taking vitamin pills and various magic complementary chemistry stuff. We mean real food.

4. Live the moment. No need to feel strange about living the moment and forgetting that deadline or call you did not make. It might not have been the right karma. Work is not life, it is part of life. Spend time with beloved ones and/or friends as those are the people that share their lives with you as you do with them.

5. Evening ritual. Mine is drinking two cups of warm or cold herb tea (Cretan preferably) every evening. Try to not include any screen in your activities within the last hour you are awake. Listen to music. Read a book (yes, those things made of pages of paper). Have a shower. Think of your day and what happened.


Konstantina Zoehrer is one of the souls behind 180 Moires. She is a down-to-earth idealist with a curious mind and a passionate heart. Her vision is to transform employment for social and financial dignity. "Never underestimate the power of social networks based on genuine human relationships" is one of her life quotes.

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