Many people strive to live a healthy life. The key to obtaining one however may be different for each person. Some people may need to sleep more because they do not sleep enough. Other people try to cut down on sweets or salty foods while others put all their efforts into working out too much. However, living a healthy life can be much easier than you think; all you need is a little balance.

Within the past few years, I have struggled to achieve balance in my life when it came to my lifestyle. I was either not exercising at all, not drinking enough water, or eating too much junk food. Through that experience, here is a little something I have learned over the years: trying to completely change all my bad habits overnight was not probable. I realized that I needed to take life one step at a time and tackle one bad habit at a time.

I have learned that having a healthy lifestyle not only takes time to achieve but requires a constant search for stability as well. Making equal efforts in each area of your life goes a very long way. It is important to start with small changes and, hopefully, these changes progress into larger changes over time.

Years ago, I remember thinking, does switching a bag of regular chips for a bag of baked chips really making any difference? Does this change count? Does increasing my water intake by one cup even matter?

The answer to these questions is yes! A healthy lifestyle is made up of small changes in every area of your life. These different areas include, but are not limited to, fitness, nutrition, restoration, hydration, and so much more. And making any choice more positive and more beneficial is always a step in the right direction. We can easily give up on making a change because we assume that the difference it makes is too small or insignificant. In reality, these small attempts at balancing your physical wellness could truly impact your life. Over time, these small changes develop into positive habits that can have more of a positive and beneficial affect in your health in addition to other areas of your personal well-being.



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