Updating your home is not only a way to increase property value, but it is also a means to create an environment and atmosphere that is welcoming and refreshing to you and your entire household. There are a few design trends you can implement while still respecting the original structure of your home and without breaking any budget you have set in place.

Ridding clutter is timeless and essential whenever you want to change to look of any room in your home. Prior to adding new decor and design trends into a space, getting rid of unwanted furniture and excess decor is a way to get a fresh view and start on the space and room you plan to decorate or renovate individually.

Natural lighting is important when you want to implement the latest design trends into your home without redoing your entire house. Instead of using drapes and floor-length curtains, consider sheers or having a bay window installed in the front or living room of your home. Adding skylights in bathrooms and upstairs rooms of the home is another way to add value to properties while also giving you the ability to enjoy the view of the sky throughout all seasons during the year.

Adding sliding doors to the home is a great addition when looking to install multiple entrances to the front and back of your house. Sliding doors are also great additions for pool decks and outdoor patios. Obtaining sliding door hardware is possible by visiting both local home improvement stores as well as by ordering online.

To each room its own: Whether you are thinking of a beach-themed room or Moroccan, Tuscan or even retro and vintage, adding new themes to individual rooms is another way to stay up to trend. Seeking inspiration for room themes can be done within home decor magazines, online blogs and with the use of social media sites that are dedicated to DIY home improvement projects and ideas. Gathering inspiration is a great way to find a theme that is fitting for any room you plan to decorate or renovate altogether.

Hunt for sales! Shopping smart is also essential any time you want to keep up with the latest design trends without going over budget or having the inability to complete a project you have in mind. Once you have a design aesthetic and an outline for the budget, you can then begin shopping at both local outlets as well as online. Shopping locally is a way to compare quality, pricing and brands in person before making a purchase. It is also possible to shop for home improvement fixtures, decor, furniture and even appliances online to help with saving on costs while also getting the convenience of delivery right to your front door.

Redoing your entire home to stay current is unnecessary. By following some of these simple tips, and knowing which resources you have at your disposal, you’ll be able to keep up with the latest design trends regardless of your budget.


Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty and fashion. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.

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