Step One: Plan your week, not your day.

An idea originally inspired by one of Holstee’s co-founders, Fabian, take some time at the start of each week to plan out your tasks and to-do’s. If you’re mostly planning work-related responsibilities, you can do this first thing Monday morning when you arrive at your office or workspace. Personally, I prefer to tackle my week on a Sunday afternoon or evening. Because I work remotely, I find I need to be extra diligent about my blocks of time so that I don’t get distracted by household chores or other lingering thoughts of what needs to be done like, I really need to call my dentist. This way, I can jot down everything in one place and space it out throughout the next seven days. Instantly, I feel prepared for the week ahead and am less overwhelmed at the sense of urgency behind certain tasks: everything in its place.

Step Two: Just today.

After you’re through planning your week, you might find yourself in the middle of a busy Tuesday where you’re swamped by a list of phone calls you need to make. While you’re dialing, your eyes drift over to Wednesday’s list and you notice two more phone calls you have planned: stop right there. Let Wednesday be Wednesday. Just because you can look ahead to other stuff doesn’t mean you have to do it right now. Keeping things where they are (within reason) helps you establish a start and a finish sense to your personal projects.

"By giving myself limits, I give myself freedom." - Gretchen Rubin

Step Three: Do one less thing.

Yes, exactly: in a world that never stops moving, doing less seems crazy. Lazy, almost. Whenever I find myself not busy, I am usually either feeling guilty or concerned that I have forgotten something important. But down time is crucial to regrouping, connection and feeling like yourself. Without it, things fall apart. So if you find yourself nearing the end of your day and still find you have a slew of tasks looming over you, stop and ask yourself, “What can wait?” If you’re anything like me, I know the obvious answer will probably be, “Nothing! Everything is important!” But try to take a step back and be as rational as you can. Something can always go or simply be tacked on to another, less hectic day.  

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Helen Williams is the Community Love Director at Holstee. She is passionate about cooking and writing which pair well together on her vegetarian food blog, green girl eats. She's strives, every day, to be less sorry

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