In the past few Founders’ Notes, Dave and I have shared a lot of our own stories and perspectives. Today we want to highlight the people we work with that truly make Holstee what it is today. As you may remember, Dave and I are spending a majority of our time on the design, content, and experience of Holstee’s monthly subscription and the only reason we are able to do this is because of one incredible team helping with logistics, production, customer support, community, wholesale, and all the administration in between. Here is a long overdue look at the four industrious people that work with us to power Holstee everyday.

Massiel, based in the Dominican Republic, is the dependable, always there when you need her rock of Holstee. She is forever ready to tackle whatever needs to be done with her sleeves rolled up. From wholesale support to bookkeeping to much more, Massiel helps to push forward virtually every part of Holstee. To add to her growing repertoire of skills, she is a new student in a Family Therapy program as of this fall!

Helen is based in Boulder and if you purchased something or read an article on Mindful Matter you have experienced her creative delight. She is usually among the first to respond to your emails, keeps our feeds looking fresh and is the editor of our online magazine, Mindful Matter. She is unapologetically kind, compassionate and an incredible champion for our customers. She’s also the team’s resident chef and caretaker of Seymour, a most curious cat. For those that live in CO, you will want to keep your eyes open for her latest tasty creation, Best One Yet, also known as the world’s best vegan ice cream. Coming to you on a moped soon.

Mikey K, was one of our first hires (almost 7 years ago!) and has been heading up wholesale nearly since then. Mikey just moved back from Berlin to Los Angeles. If you have ever expressed interest in getting Holstee designs into a store, you’ve likely gotten to know Mikey’s passion for living with intention and reflection. The first day we met, we spoke for hours about life, the environment, and businesses’ roles in the greater good. I don’t think we even had any positions open at that point, but Mikey was just an exception and he clicked so well, we asked him to join on the spot as a Community Intern and we are so glad he accepted! Did we mention he’s also a former physical trainer and an actor in his spare time?

Sara is based in Seattle and is the latest addition to the team. She is not only a spreadsheet master of the highest degree, she is also the coolest mom, can straighten out your Rubik's cube and crack any riddle. With 10 years at Microsoft under her wing, she brings a wealth of experience from operations to production to our team. Subscribers have likely already experienced the impact Sara has had over the past year and she’s just getting started.

We are grateful for the chance to work and learn with this incredible team every day.

Over the coming months, we’ve got a host of topics on deck that we plan to dive into in our Founders' notes. We are curious to know what topics you would like to us cover!

A few topics we are thinking of:

  • How we work together as a remote team in different time zones.
  • A closer look under the hood and at our numbers as a company.
  • More about Dave and I, things we are reading, eating and experiencing.
Like these? Have others in mind? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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