The first word I found

buried beneath all others

was a quiet, raging revolution

daring me to stop, to hold it

in the palm of my hand


so soft, so small, and a little bit rough

it was—I felt its sadness

like a change in the season

or the memory of a long-lost friend.


Be,” was all that it said.


A simple request

impossible to fulfill

in a world of to-dos

and to-don’ts


Be,” it continued,


so I searched my mind

for the right response

only to lie awake

for hours, days, weeks,

unable to digest

these two yearning letters

joined together by

a foreign sentiment.


Be,” it stated.


I could hear the word

it made every hair

on my body

stand to attention

like millions of tiny soldiers

preparing for the worst.


Be, I thought. Be?


No judgment

no prescription

no thing

Nothing, except a moment

of pause for acknowledgment

that I am here

that I am present

and for all intensive purposes



You, too, are here with me

flowing along the curves

and lines of my words

chasing me into the ether

the two of us bound together

by the luck, timing and good fortune

of be-ing exactly where we’re meant to be.



Dr. Marion Piper writes compelling copy for Avion Communications, draws sporadically on Instagram and has a dark creative past. Marion is currently re-learning how to just ‘be’ in Melbourne, Australia

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