Some people are lucky. Their passions in life are clear. From their earliest memories, they have known exactly what they want to do in this world. They feel an overwhelming sense of purpose.

Chances are, this is not you, and that is okay. If you are unsure of what to do with this brief and precious life you have, wander. Better yet, get lost. Dabble in this and dabble in that, but never give up on finding your worthy purpose. Do not seek to find what is worthy in the eyes of your friends, family, teachers or co-workers. Find what you believe to be worthy.

In this pursuit you will have to close certain doors in order to open new ones. Chances are you will close many doors and attract many critics. Along the way, you will likely hear someone say, "Honey, the grass isn't always greener." This is a fair point, if you want green grass.

It is not always about finding the better option, but exploring different options. You can keep climbing the same ladder, but unless you are passionate about the ladder, what is the point? So much of what the world offers to us we never even see, much less explore, because we think we should only be looking up.

When you close one door to open another, you may not find greener grass. But, you also may not find green grass. You may find red, purple, blue, or a color you have never seen before. And when, and only when, you find grass you are incredibly passionate about and cannot fathom living without, then you stay. Then you water the grass with every ounce of your soul, pour in everything you have, and make that grass the most vibrant grass it can be.

But until then, explore the colors.


Brooke Bettis will be moving to Timor-Leste this fall to serve in the Peace Corps as a Community Development Specialist. Currently residing in Chicago, IL she loves golf, live music, hospice volunteering and the occasional night out on the town.

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