This month’s art is by Brooklyn, New York based illustrator, June Park. June is a Korean-American graphic designer, illustrator, house plant enthusiast and charcuterie lover! She says her Reflection art "was inspired by [her] own deep reflection over the past few years." June wanted to "create a reminder for [herself] and others to grow from the lessons learned without holding onto the mistakes of the past."

For a little more about June, here's a short Q&A.

Where is home for you?

I'm currently living in a quiet corner of Brooklyn, New York with my husband.

What is your definition of a successful life?

Balance, contentment, community.



Describe your perfect day.

65-70F, partly sunny, picnic in the park, maybe a few vintage shops and then pasta for dinner.

How did you get into design?

In college, I was set on becoming a doctor, until my junior year when I was miserable and couldn’t figure out why. The summer before senior year, I attended a program at Parsons School of Design and everything just kind of fell into place. Both my parents were actually designers themselves, but I guess I needed to take the roundabout path to arrive at the answers I already knew.

Where do you find inspiration?

I’m always exploring new styles and themes so my inspiration can come from anywhere, but I tend to gravitate towards nature, nostalgia, and everyday moments that evoke emotion. 

What's your dream design project?

Anything related to food would be pretty amazing. 

Which designers or thinkers influence/inspire you?

So many! But lately: María Medem, LMNOP Creative, Gonzalo Rodríguez

What was the inspiration behind this design?

I created this design at the beginning of 2021 when I was going through a series of creative and mental shifts. With this design, I’m trying to show how the past can color the future if we fail to give ourselves the grace to grow. It’s a piece about the hope that comes with mindful reflection. 

In what ways does the theme of Reflection play out in your life?

Looking within is a big part of how I strive to be a better person to myself and others. 


At the moment, what is your favorite…

Color: Sage green

Food: Grilled artichokes from this old-school Italian deli down the street

Song: Drop Me Off In The Sky by Luke Wild

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