Dr. Lucy Rattrie is a chartered psychologist, researcher, and thought leader passionate about creating health, happiness, and wellbeing. She also lectures, writes and speaks on inspiring topics of positive psychology and wellness, plus coaches and works with organizations to achieve sustainable wellness, particularly in the context of travel and work.

“The supremacy of the mind gets forgotten when fear, insecurities, or challenges arise.” — Dr. Lucy Rattrie

What activity makes you feel most alive? 

Running on mountain trails for hours, the sensation of hot sun on my skin, growing energy from the freedom. I come home with sore cheeks from smiling, a happiness aura, calm mind and my body feels fantastic! Traveling the world to take on an adventure sport also stirs excitement, teasing me with the wonder of what I’ll discover and accomplish. Always best when laughing with one of my best friends.

What drew you to the work you are doing now?

I’ve always had a strong desire to understand people, feeling enticed by the beauty, power and flexibility of the human mind. Over the years, as a Psychologist and later doing my PhD, I became more passionate about positive psychology (and disillusioned with negative psychology) as a mechanism for living a life we love. My father, who lived a healthy, balanced life, with a calm, steady mind-set, living to what is truly important in a way most people only choose once it’s too late, also passed away quite young, which fueled my drive to help people live a healthy and happy life, so they never look back with regrets.

What piece of wellness knowledge do you wish was more widely known?

The power within our minds and the level of control we have over the way we think and act. The supremacy of the mind gets forgotten when fear, insecurities, or challenges arise. But when we take small, targeted, conscious actions, we can literally transform our natural setpoint and develop a more positive lens on the world as well as a more vibrant body and spirit. Start by simply noticing your internal dialogue. If you repeatedly tell yourself negative things — “I am awful at this” or “They think I'm incompetent” — ask yourself if you are over-thinking or making assumptions. If yes, choose positive thoughts like “I am good at this, even if not 100% perfect” or “They still think I am competent, even if I made one little mistake”. In the words of self-compassion expert Kristin Neff, “Start treating yourself as you would a friend.”

How would you describe your practice of self-care?

I constantly work on developing healthy habits, so each month, I choose one thing to make part of my routine. Last month was sleep. My non-negotiables were no caffeine, going to bed at 9 p.m. to read or meditate, and waking up at 5:45 a.m. I felt amazing! Nutrition is important, and I use a “90%-of-the-time rule”. I find that 100% is unrealistic for many people who have jobs, families, friends, and hobbies. It creates the added pressure and stress, which could make the initial effort counterproductive. 90% is that sweet spot between becoming automatic and having a little bit of wiggle room!

How do you want to be remembered?

Someone who inspired and helped people to be healthy and happy to live a life they love. Who lived with adventure and positive spirit, to the max with no regrets. Went after her dreams despite fear or challenge, kept persisting until it became reality. Explored the world laughing with loved ones. Cared for those loved ones. A world-renowned wellbeing psychologist who created lasting positive change around the world would be awesome!

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