Tristan Harris leads Time Well Spent, a non-profit movement to align technology with our humanity. Time Well Spent aims to transform the race for attention by revealing how technology hijacks our psychological vulnerabilities, and by demonstrating how new incentives and design practices can make technology align with our best interest.

What I love about this TED Talk and Tristan’s work is that it shines a spotlight on the challenge we are up against.

“There's a hidden goal driving the direction of all of the technology… every new site — TED, elections, politicians, games, even meditation apps — have to compete for one thing, which is our attention, and there's only so much of it.


So I'm here today because the costs are so obvious. I don't know a more urgent problem than this, because this problem is underneath all other problems. It's not just taking away our agency to spend our attention and live the lives that we want, it's changing the way that we have our conversations, it's changing our democracy, and it's changing our ability to have the conversations and relationships we want with each other.”

It’s so hard to carve out time for reflecting and setting intentions because it feels like we don’t have the space to focus. There is a multi-billion dollar industry led by some of the world’s smartest minds that is trying to take our most valuable asset away from us — our attention.

As a team, we spend months preparing each action guide to try to help our members focus on what's important and not urgent. But even we find ourselves spending 30 minutes getting lost in our newsfeeds before forgetting why we logged into Facebook to begin with. According to Tristan, that’s not an accident.

There’s a battle for our brains, whether or not we realize we are fighting it.

The first step to winning it is being aware.

Mike and Dave Radparvar
Co-Founders, Holstee

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