Each month in our Holstee Guides, we include a few questions intended for self-reflection or group discussion that are inspired by our monthly theme.

I recently shared one of these questions with our private member Facebook group:

“True or false? Wellness is something that can be achieved.”

One response particularly stood out. It was from Katie in Portland:

“I think of it less as an achievement and more of a continuously changing state. What may be a good choice for me one day, may not be the next. It requires a lot of checking in with myself to know what wellness means for me today. Sometimes a nap may be more important than hitting the gym. Or splurging on that piece of cake might be just what the doctor ordered.”

What I love about Katie’s response is that she acknowledges that wellness doesn't just vary by person but it also continues to vary moment to moment. It’s a fluid state, and the only way to really know where we stand is to be aware of what our mind, body, and soul are trying to communicate to us.

What do you think — is wellness something we can achieve? Join the conversation in our private members Facebook group.

Mike Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee

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