While going through our Compassion Guide, I was reminded of a short letter I wrote to myself a while back. Much like the Manifesto, it was a message I felt was important but often hard to remember. I think you’ll appreciate it, so here it is…

holstee you are enough letter

I feel like now, more than ever, we could all use a little reminder to be more compassionate — especially to ourselves. 

If you feel like you rarely get the chance to think about what values are truly important, I encourage you to give our monthly Membership a try.

Every time I sit with one of the guides that our team so carefully curates and creates, I feel like I learn more about myself, and remember what is truly important for me to live fully.

Wishing you many moments of clarity,

Co-Founder, Holstee

P.S. I just made this my phone lock screen wallpaper, in case you want an extra reminder!

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