The Coaches Kit

The Coaches Kit

The Coaches Kit is a bundle of our top products for wellness practitioners, coaches, and therapists offered at an incredible price.

Inside The Coaches Kit

The Coaches Kit

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Greater Good Toolkit

Made in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, this toolkit includes 30 science-based practices for a meaningful life. We designed this toolkit for wellness practitioners, and motivated individuals looking to bring more meaning and well-being into their lives.
This 'toolkit' really is outstanding. It gives practical suggestions of practices, and gives all the evidence based research behind the practice. Words and ideas can be inspiring but providing easy access to the science behind the specific ideas is extremely helpful. Plus is it visually lovely.
Michele, United States VERIFIED BUYER

Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards

The Holstee Manifesto you love, available as a pack of six shareable letterpress-printed greeting cards with kraft envelopes. The inside of each card is blank, making them an open canvas for any occasion.
I’ve ordered the 6-pack of cards with this powerful and potent message on them for birthdays, graduations, celebrations of all kinds as a reminder to live each day with passion and purpose because life is short...
Pamela, United States VERIFIED BUYER

Greater Good Toolkit for Kids

Put the science of well-being into practice for the next generation with the Greater Good Toolkit for Kids. Developed in partnership with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, the Greater Good Toolkit for Kids includes 28 science-based practices for cultivating compassion, gratitude, and resilience in preschoolers, children, and teens.

Reflection Cards

Holstee Reflection Cards are a fun way to spark meaningful conversations and deepen relationships with the people in your life. Every deck includes 100+ thought-provoking questions centered around mindful themes like Adventure, Creativity, and Resilience. Perfect to use with friends, family, and coworkers.
Absolutely amazing! I am so so so happy I decided to buy them! Wish there were more! Maybe some cards vol 2 in the future? They are great! The design is so pretty! Cards are just lovely!.
Anna, United Kingdom VERIFIED BUYER

Gratitude Cards

Made in collaboration with A Network for Grateful Living, this deck includes 100+ prompts to help you deepen awareness of life’s abundance and open you to the joy and transformative possibilities of gratefulness.

Reflect & Reset Journal

Reflect & Reset is a guided journaling experience to help you foster gratitude and reconnect with your true passions, so you can live your best life. "It gave me the opportunity to access the very important, but unconscious contents of my mind." - Chandana
I love the quality of the prints, the wonderful sentiments and thoughtful explanations of the art, and it's an affordable way to enjoy and pass along great work.
Emily, United States VERIFIED BUYER

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Greater Good Toolkit $52.00
Holstee Manifesto Greeting Cards $36.00
Greater Good Toolkit for Kids $52.00
Reflection Cards $22.00
Gratitude Cards $22.00
Reflect & Reset Journal $28.00
Guided Reflection Journal $12.00
Passion Kit: A Deep Connection $27.00
Gratitude Kit: Radiating Love $27.00
Sub-total $278.00
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Coaches Kit $175.00

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"I love the toolkit for its ease of use, color scheme, and inviting materials. I look forward to integrating the different activities into meetings, workshops, and solo reflection time."
Ellie, United States VERIFIED BUYER