Step One

Carefully remove your poster from the tube.

Step Two

Place the poster face down on clean and flat surface. Slowly roll the poster in the opposite direction that it came rolled in around the tube that it came in. Keeping it place with a rubber band at each end.

Step Three

Wait a few hours.

Step Four

Remove the rubber bands and let your poster lay flat.

Step Five

Remove the chipboard insert from your Reclaim Frame. Place the poster on top of the chipboard. With the poster perfectly on the insert, get one corner in through the frame slot, then the other corner.

Step Six

Slowly and evenly bring both sides of the poster and chipboard insert down until it reaches the bottom of the frame. Once you reach the bottom make sure the poster and insert enter the slot along the bottom edge together.

Step seven

Hammer a single nail in the wall. Hang your new art. Sit back and Enjoy!