Leave Nothing Print


”Leave nothing but footprints, capture nothing but memories, waste nothing but time.” This print was inspired by the spirit of leaving the outside world as you found it, if not better. Nature has so much to offer and rather than uproot its peaceful beauty and deplete its resources, we would love to seek the ways in which we can coexist peacefully. In the same sense, this design has been printed on a unique handmade seed paper that is created using 100% recycled ingredients, is embedded with a variety of wildflower seeds that can actually be planted: talk about giving back! Display this print as a reminder to appreciate the wonder of nature and minimize our negative impact.

Printed using Pantone 7484U on Grow-A-Note Speckled Moss Seed Paper. This paper can be planted!

Leave Nothing 5"x7" Nature Print Detail
Leave Nothing 5"x7" Nature Print Frame
Leave Nothing 5"x7" Nature Print Signature
Frame-friendly or ready to post
Printed by Aardvark Letterpress in Los Angeles, CA