The 2015 Mindful Living Calendar

Our letterpress printed Mindful Living Calendar provides you with a theme to reflect on, a quote to inspire you, and a place to keep track of your goals.

Writing The Holstee Manifesto was one of the first things we did as a startup over five years ago, and it continues to drive us today.
From developing healthy habits, to learning productivity hacks, to just plain fun, Holstee’s Learning Lab offers workshops here in Brooklyn.
Start every month with an inspiring piece of art and inspirational prompt delivered right to your desk along with a pre-stamped envelope.
Our Reclaim Frames are handcrafted, glass-free, and designed to display your most loved artwork. Now available in 5x7”, 12x16” and 18x24”


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Issue / Balance

The Necessity Of Sadness

While living in a society that tends to place a higher value on happiness, Helen Williams on what sadness has for us: its power to shape our stories and define our strength, to help us become ourselves.

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Workshop with Sarah Kathleen Peck & Alex Miles Younger
Have you always wanted to start a blog? Write an e-book? Have an online home to showcase your creative ideas? Take this class and get started!
Workshop with Clay Hebert
How to plan, build, launch and promote your project from Clay Hebert, one of the world’s top crowdfunding experts.
Workshop with Julia Roy
How to save time, sweat, and tears battling your inbox, and get back to business. Or fun. Or both.
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