Issue 02 / Connection

Friend Request: Accepted

What if we knew all of our Facebook friends? Photographer Ty Morin is on a mission to find out.

Mullica Zudsiri, Fall 2013 Graphic Design Intern at Holstee.

Photographer Ty Morin is on a mission to meet up with all 788 of his friends on Facebook. Whether it’s the longtime childhood best friend or the girl he met one night at the bar, Morin is ready to revisit the connections he’s made over the years. He’s creating a documentary about this experience as well as photographing each of his friends using a traditional large format camera.

Learn more and donate to his project here

What connections have you made through social media? What have these connections shown you or taught you? Have they brought you closer to old friends? Have you formed entirely new relationships? Join the conversation.
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