Mirrors have been used throughout history in a myriad of ways, and there are even many myths and legends surrounding the looking glass. But no need to let superstitions get in the way of you using a mirror as a great decorating piece in your home. Mirrors are incredibly versatile and can be an easy yet elegant way of adding some class to your home. So forget about broken mirrors bringing bad luck for seven years and instead focus on the reflecting qualities that mirrors can bring, whether literal or intrinsic.

Read on for 9 unique and beautiful ways that you can make the charm of mirrors a part of your home:

Repurpose a Door

Don't toss that old door! Repurpose a door into a focal point by painting it a color that complements the room. Add a mirror, prop against a wall and get ready for the compliments. Add some functionality to the door with barn door hardware and attaching some hooks to hang coats or bags.

Add Some Inspiration

Get a little crafty and incorporate some inspiration by stenciling one of your favorite quotes onto a large mirror. The mirror will act not only as a piece of artwork but also as a great conversation-starter when placed in a foyer or front entryway.

Lean it Up

Place a larger mirror on a table, leaning it against the wall for a casual yet trendy look. This technique works especially well on a hallway table or as part of a bedroom vanity. Make sure to secure the mirror, though; the last thing you want is a large, heavy mirror to crash to the ground. Use some picture wire and a nail to keep the mirror in place.

Create an Illusion

Hang two mirrors across from each other in a room. The result is an illusion that the room goes on indefinitely. Not only will this make a small room look larger, but there are cool effects you can create with two mirrors and other elements. Hang a dazzling chandelier in the middle of the room and the reflection from both mirrors will be a constant delight.

Fill Some Space

Dead wall space is enough to kill an otherwise attractively designed room. Not only that, but it can be hard to find a way to fill up empty space in a way that adds to the look and feel of a room. Fill the void with a variety of mismatched mirrors with vintage or elegant frames.

Ceiling Reflections

Add a little bit of interest to your ceiling space by covering a small area, perhaps around a light fixture. This is easy to DIY, too; one way to do this is to buy identical honeycomb-shaped mirrors and then to piece them together around a light fixture. Use Liquid Nails or an equivalent to avoid any kind of hardware.

Frame It

This one might not seem incredibly unique or original, but really, the sky's the limit when it comes to things you can do to frame a mirror: recycled wood, tree branches, a serving tray, wine cork stoppers, spoons—whatever you want! It's time to get crafty!

Bring Light In

A well-placed mirror can make an otherwise dim room seem bright and well-lit. Position a large mirror in an area that first catches attention upon walking into the room. Doing so will not only brighten the room but will make it look larger.         

Use Broken Pieces

Find yourself with a broken mirror? First, don't panic—you're definitely not cursed for the next seven years. And don't toss those mirror fragments just yet. Use them in your decorating efforts: Glue them to an entryway table or dresser or to an ornate tray. You could even attach them to the frame around a whole mirror for a cool mismatched effect.


Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty and fashion. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.

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