When we engage with intention we are participating in one of the most powerful experiences of life:  an act of co-creation, of dancing with the universe.

I am on the dance floor right now.

Whilst all intention is unique in content, there’s a pattern and sequence – steps that repeat.  If we learn these, our lives change.  We become the perfect dance partner in this dance, manifesting change in our lives with frictionless flow.

So what are the steps?

Seek desire.  Real desires often defy logic and can sometimes make no sense, making it easy for us to dismiss them as a passing whim.  But beginning with desire, responding to the creative energy that bubbles us from inside can lend itself to being unafraid of chasing what we truly want.

Express yourself.  Beginning a statement with “I intend to…” creates a moment of purpose and is much clearer that “I may…”  With our language – internal and external – we send a signal.  Be clear, direct and speak with kindness.

Be decisive.  Making decisions isn’t easy for some people and even the most decisive types need support now and then.  To realise our intentions, we’ll need to make decisions.  To show we are all in.  Don’t be afraid to give or receive advice and suggestions.  Talk through possibilities.

Release control. Equally difficult to making a decision can be those moments when we need to step aside and get out of our own way.  When we are following our true selves, it feels like life is flowing along. We choose our battles with ease and obstacles dissolve.  

Let go.  This can be a huge challenge and one where we most likely trip up.  Stubbornness can lead us to try to steer our partner, convinced our steps are the only way or that our plan is the only one.  Be open to being surprised.

Let go and allow our intent to unfold.  Be flexible with your preferences.  Stay alert, keep our eyes open and enjoy the dance!

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Melanie Kirkbride lives in Sydney (with the recent intention of moving to Yorkshire, Northern England!)  She is the co-founder of manifestmylife.  A meditation teacher, coach and writer – she is passionate about transformation and personal growth - inspiring and equipping people to live fearless lives.  


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