I used to think that while taking a shower, on a run, or tipsy from wine, the best ideas came to fruition. I’ve come to realize, however, that these are just the beginning of ideas; the seeds before the concept tree is in full bloom.

The same can be said for the ever evolving and transforming online world. Its permeability offers a healthy and abundant sampling of ideas and opportunities, but to be prosperous, its patrons must be quick to learn. To grow one must be mindful of the emotion and ambition driving the want to succeed in the unforgiving business world. Whether it is a company’s day one or day 456, the one thing that remains is the belief and passion moving the idea.

As the CEO of Dreame, an art startup that is turning imagination and visions into personalized, one-of-a-kind works of art, it was natural for me to hone all of my emotion and passion into a project. What was unnatural was being methodically attuned to the overwhelming and often- simultaneous feelings of stress, joy, passion, and extreme doubt.

Rather than blindly intaking my emotions, I strategized a way of quantifying each inkling of instability and confidence as I felt it. Below is a glimpse into my spreadsheet of the 'Dreame Belief Counter.' I have been recording my belief levels from 1 (‘What on earth am I doing’) to 10 (‘This is going to rule the world’). It enables me to assess and understand more clearly where I am, how I can improve, and which days and lessons influenced a certain level of belief. I try to constantly place my beliefs on the upside of the scale and keeping a chart allows me to monitor my sometimes plummeting hope and the unavoidable, but ultra-invasive doubtful days.

Though the belief meter was created to measure my business and corresponding emotional journey, I believe it is an efficient and useful method of quantifying all journeys; from training for a marathon to tracking a blossoming relationship. The tracking of feelings may initially appear paradoxical. However, these micro-moments are the ones that require the most acute mindfulness.

Our dreams are driven by our passions, the purest manifestations of our selves. An unfulfilled dream is not a failure, but rather, a spotlight on our essence, our internal compass. Struggling is part of the lives we live and we can only learn from the risks we take.

Whether you count your daily, weekly or monthly dreams or choose to visualize those dreams on Dreame, remember to be aware of your passions. They entered your lives for a reason.


Sharonna Karni Cohen is the Founder & CEO of Dreame, an art startup that turns imaginations and visions into art. She is a Board Member and Co-Pioneer of Streets which is responsible for publishing the world's first urban crowd-sourced book. Sharonna grew up in Tel Aviv and London and received her Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) from the University of Bristol.

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