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In keeping with tradition, we've created a Reflection Guide for 2016 providing space for reflecting on the past year: the good, the bad, the learnings, and the moments of growth.

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This year's Reflection Guide explores six sections, with questions diving into the formative parts of the past year:

1. The Good
What went well this year? What were your greatest moments of success? Looking back on positive experiences can encourage you to do more of the same. So go ahead, be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

2. The Bad
Facing our flaws can be tough, but is a necessary part of how we grow. If you want to move forward, you must be honest about where you hope to improve.

3. Career & Work
We recognize that work plays a big part of our day-to-day existence and fulfillment. Evaluate your time at work this year. Think back on any professional changes, big or small.

4. Change & Growth
Life is changing all the time in big ways and small. Many times, change can be great, yet that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Think back on the many transformations
you’ve experienced.

5. Friendship & Love
What would life be without friendships, loved ones and family? Think back on the key people in your life this year. What roles did you play in each others’ lives? How did your relationships change and evolve?

6. Summary
One final, overarching question about your year as a whole: have fun with it!

Keep reflection front of mind.

Like so many of the themes we focus on at Holstee, it always feel hard to give ourselves the time and space we need to reflect. This minimal holographic foil print is meant to adorn your desk or shelf, as a reminder to gift yourself time to look back, before you think ahead. Our Reflection Kit, includes the print below along with a printed Reflection Guide.

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