These days, many of us are interested in improving the quality of their lives. Whether you're attempting to overcome a drug addiction, get a job, or eliminate junk food from your diet, the key to success is developing a determined attitude. To learn more about how determination can help you realize your life goals, consider this short outline.

First, what Is Determination?

Although defined broadly, the term determination basically references the act of making a decision about a course of action and working with diligence to stay on the path that will lead to accomplishing the objective. When an individual is attempting to make a positive change in their life, determination can be a powerful motivator. This is the case for several reasons, including:

The Focus Factor. For example, determination is helpful in enabling individuals to quit drugs permanently because it causes the addict to focus in on accomplishing a goal. This is key in reprogramming the mind and causing the individual's emotional, intellectual, and physical energy to be continually redirected towards overcoming the problem. As many drug addiction experts know, the mind is an infinitely powerful mechanism that can contribute to or detract from the addict's ability to make drug use a part of the past. When a drug addict adopts and maintains a disposition of determination during the addiction recovery process, her or his mind becomes the biggest asset available. By continually focusing the mind on accomplishing the objective of quitting, the addict's energies are constantly directed towards realizing the goal. In the end, the addict will likely develop a success system that involves attaining recovery services from rehab centers, ending unhealthy relationships, developing new hobbies, etc.

The Solution Factor. Another reason that determination is so effective in helping people accomplish objectives is that it tends to make them become solution-centered individuals. Solution-centered people recognize life challenges and hurdles. Yet, unlike many people, they do not focus on the challenge but rather direct their mental energies towards devising a solution for that challenge. An example of this would be an individual who is attempting to accomplish the health goal of losing twenty pounds. There are a wide range of barriers that could preclude the individual from realizing this objective, such as not having a gym in one's local area. A determined individual would not let this stop them from exercising to lose weight. Instead, they would seek an alternate method through which to get physically active enough to raise heart rate, boost metabolism, and burn fat. In this case, the individual might opt to buy exercise DVDs and do the workouts in the home or start jogging around the neighborhood to get in cardiovascular activity. The solution-centered attitude is effective in continually redirecting the individual towards finding the right systems and strategies necessary to accomplish the objective. The mindset becomes "If this doesn't work, then I'll do this" rather than "This isn't working, so I can't do it."

The Self-Knowledge Factor. One final reason that determination can be incredibly effective in helping people accomplish goals and live more productively is that it increases self-knowledge. When a person attempts to accomplish a goal such as obtaining a new job, they go through a process that necessitates substantive self-evaluation. The self-evaluation can transpire as the individual evaluates their personal appearance, goes on mock interviews, updates their resume, and examines their existing skill set. Each of these activities causes the individual to know herself or himself in terms of things such as personal weaknesses, strengths, skills, prejudices, and much more. Once this self-knowledge process has begun, the individual is empowered to understand her or his internal motivations, limitations, life dreams, etc. The acquired knowledge can then empower the individual seeking a job to fine-tune her or his behavioral patterns to accomplish the objective.

Although accomplishing goals in life can seem challenging, there are numerous strategies that can be employed to ensure that you realize your objective. One such strategy is to maintain a disposition of determination. As made plain by the information outlined above, individuals who adopt an attitude of determination will oftentimes gain the self-knowledge, will power, and sense of direction necessary to realize their personal and/or professional goals.


Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty and fashion. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.



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