There is always something very liberating and fresh about a haircut. You are still the same person you were before the haircut but just feeling lighter, more liberated. Today we are excited to share our virtual haircut - an updated look for Holstee online. 2009 to Present

Our site has continued to evolve along with our team, product line and the expectations of our customers and community. This evolution of the design, nicknamed Wildflower, is no different.

A few highlights

Improved mobile shopping experience

  • 30% of our visitors browse on tablet and mobile, accounting for 25% of our online sales. The new design offers a better mobile and tablet experience across the site. So if you are checking Holstee out on your phone or tablet, expect a better navigation, reading and shopping experience.

Telling our story

  • A lot has changed in the last year and we felt it was important to reflect that in our site. For the first time in a long time we have updated our About page to better share where we have come and where we are going.

Improvements for subscribers

  • We are excited to spend more time focusing on developing the online and product experience of our subscription. As a team, it is an area of the company we are most excited about building together with our community. In the new year, we plan to include benefits for subscribers across this site and this update is the first step towards that change. Stay tuned for more updates.

Help us improve

As with any big project with many moving pieces, there may be some bugs, errors and typos on the site. If you notice something that needs fixing, please drop us a note at or leave a note in the comment below.


Lastly a shoutout! Thanks to everyone who gave early feedback on designs and tested the site. Thanks to Apolo for doing the heavy lifting and great tools like Shopify, Invision, Klaviyo to make the experience better. A last big thanks to the makers of our base theme, Kagami - we love it!

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