Teacher Gifting: Greater Good Toolkit for Kids

$41.60 $74.00

Toolkit (and Reflection Cards for Kids)

🍎 Support a teacher on our waiting list and make a difference for them and their students.

Teacher Gifting: Greater Good Toolkit for Kids

$41.60 $74.00

Toolkit (and Reflection Cards for Kids)

🍎 Support a teacher on our waiting list and make a difference for them and their students.

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*Toolkits purchased on this page will be gifted to teachers who have already contacted Holstee to request one. If you would like to gift a specific teacher in your life, please order the Greater Good Toolkit for Kids here, and it will be shipped directly to you.

Empower Teachers, Inspire Students: Gift a Greater Good Toolkit for Kids

In 2023, we launched the Greater Good Toolkit for Kids - a super fun and engaging way to nurture compassion, gratitude, and resilience in young minds.

This Toolkit, created in partnership with UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center, is packed with 28 science-backed activities written for educators to use with their students. Each activity is organized by age group and difficulty level. Each practice explains - why it’s important, how to do it, and the primary research supporting it.

We’ve heard from countless teachers who would love a toolkit but did not have the resources to purchase one for their classroom.

So, we are using our platform to bridge the divide between teachers with limited resources and you.

Gifting a toolkit from this page includes a 20% good karma discount, free shipping, and a bonus pack of Reflection Cards for Kids for your teacher recipient.

So far, Toolkit requests include teachers from 35+ states in the US! With your help, we can get a toolkit for every teacher requesting one for their school.

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How would the GGTK for Kids help your classroom?

"Out of necessity, I have been teaching intentional awareness in my ELA classroom. I have seen, over the last twenty years, that students' attention has been stolen by technology. As their lives become more virtual and less "real," I work to pull them back into the present. We do a "Meditation Monday," which they LOVE. I have them "arrive" as we begin class. We dock phones. I explain to students that if they are not in the right headspace, the content of our curriculum will not even matter. Students truly LOVE this whole concept. This Toolkit will provide a framework, activities, and vocabulary to deepen this classroom practice. Providing this to educators is a powerful sign of Holstee's commitment to extending the strength of their invaluable work. I am profoundly grateful."
Erin, Educator in Massachusetts

"I am a School Psychologist in public schools in Illinois. I provide Social Work IEP minutes, as well as MTSS counseling. I also work part-time at a private practice where I conduct diagnostic evaluations and provide therapy. These would be SO helpful in improving self-esteem, positive self-talk, and practicing coping strategies."
Mackenzie, Educator in Illinois

"The toolkit will be helpful to use with the children I work with in my school and community. I have noticed that the children I work with do not have self-esteem, courage, or belief in themselves. They hide behind materials or devices and need that extra push to bring out the best in them. They have trouble speaking confidently to adults and peers."
Chantia, Educator in Michigan

"As a guidance counselor, I deal with special education kids from low-income homes with varying degrees of trauma and mental illness. Many feel like life has not been kind to them. I would like to teach them to be kind to themselves. Then, they will be in their true power. Thank you for offering these resources."
Christine, Educator in New York

Created in Collaboration with the Greater Good Science Center

Greater Good Science Center 

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center is a nonprofit that studies the science of well-being and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

“This toolkit is perfect for teachers, parents, caregivers, and wellness practitioners committed to supporting and guiding the next generation.” 
Maryam Abdullah, Ph.D.
Parenting Program Director
Greater Good Science Center