Like so many others, I was very saddened to hear of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing this weekend. Justice Ginsburg beat cancer twice before it took her life on Friday. She was a force of nature and a determined advocate for women’s rights. 

Her passing comes at a time that is already full of challenging setbacks for many of us. 

In moments like this, moments when I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and despair, I look over at a small print that my wife keeps on her desk from a past Holstee Membership Resilience kit, a collaboration with writer Courtney E. Martin and illustrator Wendy McNaughton

These last few months, I have found energy and inspiration in the words on the art print and I hope they provide the same for you now. Here is what it says:

“This is your assignment.

Feel all the things. Feel the hard things. The inexplicable things, the things that make you disavow humanity’s capacity for redemption. Feel all the maddening paradoxes. Feel overwhelmed, crazy. Feel uncertain. Feel angry. Feel afraid. Feel powerless. Feel frozen. 

And then FOCUS.

Pick up your pen. Pick up your paintbrush. Pick up your damn chin. Put your two calloused hands on the turntables, in the clay, on the strings. Get behind the camera. Look for that pinprick of light. Look for the truth (yes, it is a thing—it still exists.)

Focus on that light. Enlarge it. Reveal the fierce urgency of now. Reveal how shattered we are, how capable of being repaired. But don’t lament the break. Nothing new would be built if things were never broken. A wise man once said: there’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. Get after that light.

This is your assignment.”


To feeling the feelings and never losing hope,

Dave Radparvar
Co-Founder, Holstee


P.S. This letterpress print is no longer available at Holstee, but Wendy has them available here

P.P.S. Also, a friendly reminder that this is the last week to save 20% on pre-orders for the Ritual Life Planner!


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