Each month, we are privileged to work with artists from all over the world. Their unique styles and points of view make for an especially diverse sense of inspiration in the art that arrives in our monthly Holstee Membership. From Los Angeles, California to Barcelona, Spain and everywhere in between, each piece of art is a true collector's piece.

This month’s Creativity Art is by designer and illustrator Kevin Lucbert a French artist fascinated with the unknown. His signature ‘blue line’ aesthetic has been featured in the New York Times and in art exhibitions around the world. We got to work with him to help us bring our theme of Creativity to life!

Kevin Lucbert Illustrator and Designer

For a little more about what inspired this artwork, his process, and his life, here's a short Q&A:

Where is home for you?

Berlin, Paris and Bretagne,France. I have great childhood memories of my time spent in this beautiful region. My mother’s family comes from the small city of Pont-Aven, an enchanting place that inspired Paul Gauguin and many other artists.

What is your definition of a successful life?

Drawing each day, enjoying each moment of the creative process, and being able to make a living from f it.

Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day usually starts at 6am - sometimes earlier - when my two-year-old daughter wakes everyone up. Only moments later, I am sitting in my studio drawing, drinking good coffee, and enjoying the spring in Berlin after the long cold winter.

Creativity Art by Kevin Lucbert

How did you get into design?

I spent most of my childhood reading comics. Classics like Tintin, Asterix, Franquin, Harold Foster but also artists less “traditional” like Moebius, Druillet, Hugo Pratt (Corto Maltese) were among my favorites. I then became naturally interested in drawing my own ideas and stories.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. Music, books, comics, films, graffiti on the street. I just finished reading the autobiography of the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung: “My Life” (1875-1961). His ideas about dreams and the subconscious life are mind blowing. During his life, he also created many beautiful drawings and mandalas.

Which designers or thinkers influence/inspire you?

Right now it is mostly the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung. I recently discovered the intriguing yet virtuoso drawings of Austin Osman Spare. I also get ideas by reading books from writers with a strong imagination like H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, or Philip K. Dick. I like watching David Lynch’s movies because he creates such beautiful and strange atmospheres, on the edge of dream and reality. I also like to look at the work of artists like M.C. Escher, Alfred Kubin, Caspar David Friedrich, James Ensor, Saul Steinberg, and David Hockney. I admire children’s book artists like Tomy Ungerer and comic book artists like François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters. Their wonderful comic book “La Tour” strongly influenced me as a child.

Creativity Art by Kevin Lucbert

What was the inspiration behind this design?

A dreamgate. A step into the unknown. The Unexpected emerging in a banal environment.

At the moment, what is your favorite …

Color: Blue

Food: Salmon

Song: “Get Ready” Rare Earth (1969)

Quote: “It never happened, yet it is still true! What magic art is this?” Robin Goodfellow, in Sandman #19: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Neil Gaiman


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